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Who we are:

A Brighter Avenue, also called A.B.A., is an agency servicing individuals with special needs primarily in the Phoenix, East Valley, and Payson areas. Our wonderful clientele consists of babies through adults with varying abilities and special needs. 

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As the parent of a child with special needs, I know that frantic feeling when the clock is ticking, and every day my child is further behind... He needed an individualized plan of action, and fast.  Here at A.B.A. we're not into "cookie-cutter" programs. Our plan is to assess your child to determine his/her strengths and needs, develop a quality program tailored to your family, and provide superior therapies and services that quickly adapt as your child progresses until our ultimate goal is reached: Your child catches up, tests out and no longer needs us. It may sound strange that the overall company focus is to LOSE clients, but here at A.B.A., that's our ultimate definition of success.

Joni M. Stricker