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Thank you for choosing A Brighter Avenue to service your family!

Please take a look at the information below.

We need steps 1 and 2 completed before your child can start.

Contact me at the bottom with any questions!

Step 1:

Fill out our intake form

Use the link below to fill out our detailed intake. We need this information for your child's Therapy Department file.  The form is HIPAA compliant and routes directly to me.

Step 2:

Contact your Support Coordinator

Please call or email your Support Coordinator and ask him or her to 1. Authorize the requested services to A Brighter Avenue and 2. Send a copy of your child's ISP to A Brighter Avenue's Therapy Department. They can send it directly to me using the contact info listed below.

Step 3:

Keep us informed

Let me know if you have a new address, new phone number, a change in insurance or something that affects  your schedule... Anything that would be helpful for me and your therapist(s) to know!

Rebecca Waters, COTA/L

Director of Member Therapy Services

Phone (480) 621-5708

Fax (480) 659-7054

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